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What's With The Circles?

Spring is on its way out and Summer is fast approaching. As my lifestyle has changed from employee to owner I’ve been thinking about what makes myself happy. Meaning, aside from doing what I love as a physical therapist, am I happy how I do my work? I got to say when I started working I truly loved the people I worked with and worked for. It was the burdens of red tape that made me dislike the work. It became me working for insurance or the supposed head clinician, the surgeon that basically leaves patients in my hands and if things go well he says I was great, if it fails he says I probably did not do something he told me to do. These factors and a few more really were the starting push points to get me to start my own side business that is now my primary business.

After about 9 months of being on my own, I can’t say I’ll ever go back. But being a business owner has it’s own headaches and obstacles to overcome. It’s truly not for everyone. And if it wasn’t for the support of my wife I probably wouldn’t be able to have gotten as far as I have now. If it wasn’t the support of the fantastic community of clients that are as close as family; and new clients that appreciate the time that I spend with them, I could not continue to feel a reason to continue this work.

As seasons change it is a good opportunity for reflection. Spring cleaning and mental reflection on the various pathways of our lives.

The Venn Diagram is my new logo for the A Better You podcast because it reflects how we’re not just one circle but many overlapping circles. The mental health advice for this month is to build your own Venn Diagram. It doesn’t have to be some fancy Adobe Photoshop creation. Just write down what you define as your most important center. It could be family, partner, dog, child.

Whatever it is you can probably build several other facets of your life that link back to that center. Then take those outer circles and think about how happy you are

with those things? How happy are you with how you interact with those parts of your life and how much you feel those parts of your life are making that center part of your life better.

This month I’ll leave you with my podcast episode on change. (CLICK BELOW)

This episode goes over the negative talk we can often tell ourselves when it comes to our physical abilities, and the bits of change we can do to make those “I’ve never been able to..” to “I can begin to start to...” There's a simple everyday exercise anyone can do at home to start changes those negative "I can't" to "I will."

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