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Throughout his 10 years working in the NYC metro area he has helped provide the best patient care at his former employers Alta PT and Brill PT. These clients have chosen to express that in their reviews on Google, on the either PT office webpage. Here are a few of those reviews as well as a few from new clients at CliffPT. All of the testimonials are real and all of the clients are still in touch with CliffPT till this day. 
Over the years Dr. Cliff has treated a variety of orthopedic injury and levels of pain.  Since 2013, he has specialized in Schroth Scoliosis Physical Therapy. In particular, his adult clients have seen him for a number of years to assure that they are continuing to manage their scoliosis and prevent the progression of the diagnosis. The client video on the
right is still a patient of Dr. Cliff today and sees him whenever she gets back to NYC for work from Hawaii.
Scoliosis & Lower Back PainTelehealth PT Testimonial
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