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Schroth PT

Adolescent and Adult

Physiotherapy Scoliosis-Specific Exercise

Image by Gursimrat Ganda

Stop guessing if Schroth PT is or is not for your scoliosis. Get your free consultation and we'll let you know if Cliff PT can help. And if we can't we'll do our best to point you to someone who can.

A Testimonial

We first met back in 2015 and I still get to see her about once a month.  Here's her today still doing Schroth and you can't even see her over 30-degree curve. It wasn't overnight but we worked together to get control of the curve and stop its progression. I could easily show you a new client but I want people to see that this is a lifelong process of learning and fine-tuning. 

Schroth KS.jpeg

First We Start By Getting To Know The Person.

Tween, teen or adult. The evaluation process always starts with a detailed medical history of a client.  This includes questions about hobbies, exercise activities, occupation. Just like all our clients. We know our Scoliosis clients are more than just their x-ray and diagnosis. Their individual lives influence their spines. The history can be taken over the phone, Telehealth PT, or in-person on the first Concierge Mobile PT visit.

Scolisis PT Medical History

Mapping The Journey With A Starting Point

After pictures, we take measurements of the patient trunk rotation with a scoliometer. We also measure height, shifting of the posture from what's called a central sacral line. These and a few more help us know where we are starting from and let us know how much progress we make over the weeks ahead.

Pedi-Scoliometer for Scoliosis Screening

Second It's All In The Details

Next we take pictures of the client standing in their natural relaxed postures. We take a picture from the front, back, and both profiles. 

Schroth PT Scolisis Standing Evaluation

Learning Your Spine

Clients are then instructed about what their individual spine looks like. How it affects their daily postures. And how Schroth Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy) Scoliosis Specific Exercises help stop or reduce the progression of the curve. 

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