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No two people are exactly alike and thus no two scoliosis curves are exactly alike. Schroth principles help clients learn how to sit, stand, sleep, work, exercise, and more with their curve (s). Clients learn to modify the things they do but not eliminate them. The primary goal is to reduce the progression of the curve and provide the best education to live with scoliosis not deny the existence of it.

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Visit Testimonials to see past client testimonials with Schroth Scoliosis PT as well as other conditions treated with Cliff PT


Pain comes in many forms. Pain can often be present without limiting you from performing an everyday task. However; pain can change how you do your everyday tasks. When pain lasts more than a few weeks we are in chronic pain. This begins to produce compensated movement patterns like shortened strides, limping, and excessive back use to just go upstairs. 

Cliff PT will work with you to find the origin of the pain, reduce the layers of protective movements, and get you back to moving like you once did, even if you don't remember what that was like.  CONTACT CLIFFPT TODAY to learn more.


Cliff PT is a concierge mobile PT clinic. Our physical therapist will come to your home or office with a treatment bed, resistance bands, and additional tools. You can now get back the time lost commuting to and from work or home to the PT clinic. On average clients can save up to 8 to 24 hours of their time.  Clients have been found to additionally saved money on otherwise lost time away from work and child care expenses. For pricing inquires fill out the contact form on the home page CLICK HERE.


Telehealth allows clients to see their physical therapist via a safe virtual conference room. By utilizing state of the art encryption and technology we now have the ability to have consultations, evaluations, and follow up visits all online. 

For an evaluation or free consultation go to Book An Appointment now. 


Health insurance is a luxury that we all don't have. What happens when you don't have insurance coverage? Some may have it and their insurance limits coverage to acute (new) injuries. What happens when insurance has said that you've gained 75% or better and physical therapists have to "discharge to a home exercise program to independently manage."?


Here is where coaching comes in. Dr. Cliff has been treating as a Physical Therapist for 10 years and grew tired of these roadblocks so he started coaching.  Coaching gives clients the chance to invest in their bodies, prevent injury, achieve goals, and make new goals. 


Over the years Dr. Cliff has spoken about fall prevention, workplace ergonomics to prevent back injury, workplace stretching to prevent back injury, and introductions to Schroth Scoliosis physical therapy and how it can help teens and adults at all age groups. 


Dr. Cliff has started to do interviews for podcasts related to health and fitness. Via this platform, he talks about the health of physical therapy, injury prevention, scoliosis, and more. To see more click here: Media.


If you are interested in having Dr. Cliff speak at your workplace, school, community center, etc. Click Here to email him today. 


Cliff PT is always looking at the advancements in technology, health, and education.  All clients for physical therapy, coaching, even an initial evaluation/consultation can be done online.  Currently, our favored home exercise program is from Exercises are shown via picture, video, and text instruction. We can film you doing the actual exercise for reference and add it to your program. We can also track how many days you do the exercises, how many sets, reps, and what resistance you use. All of these things make for a well-rounded recovery program, coaching program, and goal-achieving program.  This software is free to download, available for apple and android products, and the exercise program itself can be maintained month to month, year to year, for a small service fee.

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