About me

I am an orthopedic doctor of physical therapy. I have over 10 years experience in treating a variety of physical injuries. I specialize in hands-on manual therapy techniques with a particular focus on functional movement and pain management.  Since 2013 I have utilize advanced certifications in scoliosis physical therapy to treat both adolescent and adult clients. My experiences have given me exceptional diagnostic skill to prescribe individual client exercises and treatments in the office and through TeleHealth video conferencing. 


Aside from clinical achievements I have also gained experience in social media management, website development, and marketing analytics. These tools have helped offices build an online presence through Google and Yelp reviews. 


I thrive in an organization that has as its first priority to have a supportive, one-on-one client management with at the least 30min treatment sessions. Second there must be focus on employee enrichment and communication. As a manager I particularly care about the mental and emotional stress an office can have for all employees clinical and non-clinical alike. 


For more information on myself you can send me a message below and you can search through my CV, blog and social media

Until then, I wish you well;

Dr. Clifford Yun, PT


Schroth Scoliosis Physical Therapist:

C2 Certified Barcelona Scoliosis Institute &  SST Certified International Schroth Scoliosis Schools (Germany)



New York