Personalized Physical Therapy

Tailored physical therapy treatments and exams. No two bodies are exactly alike because they're each individual is leading a different life. Detailed medical history and current injury history documentation. Video and photo analysis for posture, gait (how you walk), and daily movement (daily tasks). To not only reduce the pain but prevent the reoccurrences. Click here for more information on Personalized PT .  


Because of Covid-19 Telehealth visits have been pushed to the front of healthcare. However, I've been utilizing Telehealth services for over 5 years to track my clients as they've left NYC and travelled the world. Many time clients actually come to NYC and are here just for their injury.  Now it's not just the traveler that get the benefit of Telehealth. Right now if you're in New York or Pennsylvania you can see me for physical therapy services via Telehealth. If you're not in theses areas coaching packages are also available to assess and gain control of your health and wellness. Contact Cliff PT today from the message box below for a free video consultation to see how easy it is to get the services you deserve while in your own home.  Click here for more information on Telehealth.


As a former personal trainer and as a licensed physical therapist I've found that for true success in health and wellness we could all benefit from coaching. My coaching sessions are for people at all levels of fitness. I help clients to start moving, improve moving, and set new goals. And when they're goals are beyond my skills I point them to the vast network of coaches I've met throughout the years. All of them ready and skilled to work virtually or in person. Click here to learn more about Cliff PT Coaching services