As a senior staff therapist I have excelled in functional movement development, manual therapy techniques, and clinical mentorship.  I have developed into a manager of inter-personnel communication, staff interviews, community education, digital branding and practice brand development. 


Work Experience:

Brill Physical Therapy, NYC, NY  2019- present

At Brill I lead by example by performing quality, individualized treatments utilizing evidence-based treatments with a strong focus on manual therapy techniques and functional movement assessment. As a team leader I have improved clinical communication and education as an ACCE to student PTs and mentor to new grad PTs.  I have advanced clinic services with the introduction of Schroth Scoliosis PT with the addition of scoliosis specific protocols and equipment. I have Integrated home exercise programming to web-based/app-based programs for improved patient compliance and TeleHealth versatility. I have advanced community education as a director of all social media and online branding . I am the video editor, content producer, and blog contributor.


Alta Physical Therapy, NYC, NY   2011 - 2019

At Alta PT I grew from an entry-level staff physical therapist to a senior level therapist and staff manager.  Here I advanced my education for manual therapy skills, gained certification as a Schroth Scoliosis Therapist. Here I fined tuned my clinical skills for chroinc pain management by putting into practice principles from the Spine and Pain Institute and Dr.Shacklock Neurodynamics. I also became the director of community education and inter-office management. Through evidence-based clinical practice and quality patient engagement I helped improve patient retention and pubic awareness of the clinic name.  Online reviews increased from single to double digits (now 40+reviews) and NPS score analytics was started due to my administrative protocols.  Office documentation practices improved with my guidance.  Processes were improved over the years gradually transferring from paper-based to word processor-based, and then eventually to EMR web-based systems.d then eventually to EMR web-based systems.

Australian Physiotherapy/Therapy Experts          2009- 2011

As a new graduate, I managed a single satellite facility as the only therapist and part-time at the primary facility.  I was a guest lecturer at Fall Prevention for Seniors - Community Outreach at Lenox Hill Senior Center. I utilize my communication skills for community marketing with not just orthopedic surgeons but also neurologists, psychotherapists, fitness facilities, and urgent care clinics.

During the earlier period of my employment the original owner also operated Australian Physiotherapy Seminars. At this time I served as a lab assistant for Maitland hands on courses.


Seton Hall University  South Orange, NJ

Doctor of Physical Therapy


Saint Joseph's College - Brooklyn, NY

Bachelors of Science Business Administration

Minor Biology 


  • Licensed Physical Therapist in New York and Pennsylvannia
  • Certified Schroth Physical Therapist                                    Schroth Barcelona Institute
  • Certified Schroth Scoliosis Therapist - International Schroth Three Dimensional Scoliosis Therapy  (Germany)
  • APTA Certified Clinical Instructor
  • Certified Barefoot Rehab Specialist                                Evidenced Based Fitness Academy
  • Level 1 Titleist Performance Institute Certified
  • CPR & First Aid Certified

Continued Education Courses:

  • Univ. of St. Augustine - Exercise Strategies
  • International Spine and Pain Institute: Therapeutic NeuroScience Education
  • Postural Restoration Institute -  Non-manual Techniques for Pelvis Restoration 
  • Institute for Physical Art - Visceral Functional Mobilization & Cadaver Course.
  • Australian Physiotherapy Seminars: Maitland: MT-1, MT-2, MT-3, MT ST:
  • Dr. Shacklock Neurodynamics Upper Quarter
  • Various CEU webinars via Hospital Special Surgery & TRIARQ (ex: ACL re-tear prevention, scoliosis therapy, and surgery)